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Updated 18.Sept.2009
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Opening Buzzer for Biziness!

Face it, today information is the key to making any informed decision.

After reading an article or hearing news on something what would you have added if asked, or point out given the chance. Not alone the ability to check the validity of it, look no further you can it's now here!

Pick a Anonymous Name ( handle/alias) to use and sign up today!

What's the Buzz on Biz?  - a social networking site not just a blog!

While we have respect for personal blog posting sites on the net, these are usually someone's thoughts, opinions or often political based vitriolic  themed postings. Sometimes mixed with being what is now termed a "free rider" of providing links to others work on the net.

While interesting we do not plan on offering our own views interjected into the forums, the most important questions, overviews , opinions and insight will always only come from "YOU" the users of this system.

Our primary objective is that of a social networking venue, a forum newsgroup based solution specifically designed  to address many residents concerns on issues that arise in the community, hopefully that with others open and frank discussions will dispel many myths, rumors and innuendo's floating in and around the community.

There are many issues you may want to discuss or follow you may have read about, ask questions about, if so you have found the right place hopefully to see what others think, the ability to express your own opinion is now available here.

There is no left or right side town hall seating here, you all have equal rights, but with rights you also have obligations. The basic to conduct yourself in a manner befitting, to not post messages with slurs or racial epithets that harass or offend the race, origin, gender, orientation, age or disability or religious or political beliefs of others showing a quest for true discussions on the many important issues that have now come to light and in the future.

We have setup the forums breaking the town down by areas, issues in the south end can differ greatly from lets say noise, garbage and home rentals to the northern residential. Please read our New & Hot area for a list of forum topics.

But as a resident your voice can be heard sometimes thinking outside the box to solve little and major problems effecting the community as a whole. You can even find a few other things we are adding such as listing of discount coupons from local merchants, articles for sale from local residents and help wanted listings.

Live Chat! - want to talk one on one or with a group - online social meetings -  presently we allow 64 users at any given time to use our chat service, no special software but restricted to properly registered users.

Web Polls! -  this is one area that will offer all visitors a chance to vote on a variety of issues, there will also be private polls only available for those who have registered. Warning to all... don't vote twice just try it and see what happens.

So we welcome to you follow the forums by your browser or newsgroup reader, be our guest or join in the choice is yours! Will all the issues be ever solved, our opinion is not one if you don't discuss them to find out what issues have arisen, are at  hand, and most of all a concern to your fellow neighbors.




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